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Exotic Hardwood Flooring:  An Investment that Pays Dividends

Bedroom with Antique Hardwood Floor

Bedroom with Antique Hardwood Floor

For decades home and business owners have been introduced to the latest in technology to increase property values some of which are affordable to all while others remain beyond normal income levels. With new home construction and the remodeling of existing structures, the finishing quality of the interior of the home remains a high priority, reflecting individual tastes that are commonplace while keeping up with the latest in trends and styles. Of all interior finishing traits, none is more important than the selection of the appropriate flooring material.

First impressions are often lasting impressions. Walking into a home or place of business, with floor coverings that add elegance and grace to the overall appearance, sets a precedent in regards to the remainder of the home or business, while depicting the pride of ownership that is displayed in every step taken. Once considered the premier floor covering, carpeting has now fallen by the wayside, replaced with hardwood floors that are exquisite and durable while paying dividends to a one of the most important investments made in a lifetime, a personal residence or place of business.

Throughout the years and since the initial introduction well over a decade ago, hardwood floors have continued to increase in popularity with a wide selection of hardwood flooring material that is designed to coincide with all budgets and installations situations. Of all hardwood flooring material available, only one stands apart from all others, exotic hardwood flooring.

When considering an exotic hardwood flooring material for a personal residence or place of business, certain factors should be taken into consideration before the final purchase is made. Keeping the following points in perspective when making an exotic hardwood flooring material selection will aid in the selection of a hardwood flooring material that will fit all the requirements that are sought. These points include:

  • The basics of choosing a wood floor still apply: Room choice, lifestyle and traffic flow across floor
  • Some exotic hardwood flooring is sensitive to light. Be cautious when making a final exotic hardwood flooring selection for sensitivity to light which may cause fading
  • Harvesting of some exotic woods may have negative environmental impact: Select an hardwood flooring material that is approved for harvesting
  • Exotic hardwood flooring has many names: Be sure you know exactly what you are getting

Once considered to be the most expensive of all hardwood flooring material and depending on the species and grade selected, exotic hardwood flooring can deplete set aside budgets at alarming rates. Selecting a hardwood flooring material however, should not be based on price per square foot only but on overall value and the durability that is sought for a particular installation. Families with small children or large pets require a more durable hardwood flooring material than those individuals that are either single or away on business trips for extended periods of time.

With reductions in overall price per square foot, exotic hardwood flooring is an ideal flooring solution with superior durability, dependability and affordability in relation to other hardwood flooring materials that may not withstand time and growing families. With prices starting at $3.00 per square foot un-installed, Brazilian Teak provides a soft subtle glow to any room with resilience that is virtually maintenance free.  Ranked on the Janka scale at 3,540, Brazilian Teak is considered to be one of the hardest exotic hardwood flooring materials, with increased resistance to scratching and denting. Available in an un-limited selection of colors and pre- finishes, this exotic hardwood flooring material continues to be one of the most widely used hardwood flooring materials in both personal residences and businesses.

Increasing property and business values, exotic hardwood flooring is both versatile and durable lasting more than 100 years with proper care and annual maintenance. Homes and places of businesses that have taken the initiative to look into the future are reaping rewards of an investment that pays dividends.



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