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Give Your Home a DIY Facelift with New Wood Floors

New Wood Floors

After another winter’s worth of wear and tear, has your flooring reached the point of no return? Or perhaps you’re just ready for a change. Either way, bringing the beauty of wood flooring into your home is a great way to instantly change the look of a room. From the country feel of oak to …

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Make an Impression with Your Flooring


Most people think the first impression of their home is made by the color on the walls or furniture in a room; but in reality, it’s made by what’s under your feet – the flooring. If the carpet is dirty and worn, tiles are chipped, or the wood floor is warping, it’s time for a …

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Antique Wood Floor

Bedroom with Antique Hardwood Floor

Antique Wood Floor: Reclaiming the Past When considering a new wood floor for your home or place of business, the endless choices of wood flooring is perplexing and overwhelming. With colors, stains, finishes and styles only a small part of the selection process, selecting a wood floor involves conducting hours of research to formulate conclusions …

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Unfinished Wood Flooring

Unfinished Wood Flooring: Bare Potential The installation of hardwood flooring in any home increases property values beyond the original investment that will double, even triple the return on the initial cost involved. With the selection of hardwood flooring available today from laminates, to engineered, and natural hardwood flooring, selecting a hardwood flooring for your home …

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Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring: Manufactured Inspirations When selecting a hardwood floor for your home or place of business perhaps the last word that individuals want to hear is the term “engineered”. Often associated with lesser quality material, the term “engineered” immediately sets off alarms of would be potential purchasers of engineered wood floors shutting off all …

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Rustic Wood Flooring

Rustic Wood Flooring: Passing of Time When referring to the term “rustic,” there remain many interruptions of the term, to describe many different scenarios to fit individual situations. By most standards, rustic is often associated with living in the country, having rural implications as in log cabins or pertaining to items that have worn with …

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Antique Wood Flooring

Antique Wood Flooring: Restoration of the Past As a whole, the country we call home is deep in heritage and tradition. Once unsettled and uncertain, this great Nation has endured hardships and calamities that have resulted in the destruction of other countries, however we remain strong and defiant. Rooted deep into yesteryears structures, materials used …

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Red Oak Flooring

Red Oak Flooring: The Test of Time Red oak flooring is the most common hardwood flooring installed throughout North America. With reduced prices per square foot, red oak flooring was considered as one of the most expensive hardwood flooring in the past however have gained renewed interest of consumers due to new introduction of lower …

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring: From Old to New Upon reading any current newspaper clear evidence of tough economic times still exists with promised recovery at a slow but steady pace. The loss of millions of employment positions and the resulting consequences of “downsizing” have left many home and farm owners looking for viable solutions for survival. …

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Oak Flooring: The Number One Choice

Oak Flooring Kitchen

When considering hardwood flooring for personal residences or places of business, invariably the first choice that comes to mind is oak flooring. Oak flooring is superseded not only by a long tradition of performance and lasting qualities, oak flooring is also considered to be one of the most affordable and beautiful hardwood flooring materials in …

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