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5 Kitchen Flooring Ideas You’ll Love


Kitchens are high-traffic rooms that need exceptional flooring. Besides having to look good, successful kitchen floors need to withstand spills, food, sliding chairs, dropped dishes and the occasional mopping. Here are the pros and cons of the five top flooring choices for this important room. Ceramics, porcelain and stone tiles: Ceramics are a favourite for …

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Keeping Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful


(ARA) – No matter what the setting, the good looks and durability of hardwood floors can be maintained with minimal effort. It’s simply a matter of proper care and maintenance. The American Hardwood Information Center,, in conjunction with the National Wood Flooring Association suggest the following care and maintenance guidelines to keep hardwood floors …

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Hardwood Stairs

wood stairs

Hardwood Stairs: Rising to New Heights Dating back to the early 1800’s staircases found in homes and places of business, during this time period were often constructed of wood, due to the non-existence of other suitable material to cover stair treads and risers. In majestic homes of rich cattle barons, staircases were constructed in many …

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Hard-Scraped Hardwood Flooring


Hard-Scraped Hardwood Flooring: Restoration of History Throughout History hardwood flooring has undergone dramatic changes from the meticulous hard-scraped hardwood polished floors of majestic plantations of the Deep South, to modern day technology providing maintenance free wood flooring designed for comfort and appearance. The hand-scraped hardwood floors of the South, depicted charm with old rustic nature …

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Exotic Hardwood Floors

Exotic Hardwood Floors: Distinctive Characteristics Mysterious and mystic, exotic hardwood floors are as equally elusive as the countries that produce the wood for these intriguing floors. From Africa to Asia, exotic woods used in the production of some of the most beautiful and expensive hardwood floors in existence, possess some of the most unusual however …

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Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors: The Beauty Within For centuries, hardwood floors have been gracing magnificent homes throughout the Deep South to elegant homes of kings and queens. Known for durability and overall beauty, hardwood floors have gained in popularity throughout the years, rapidly becoming the choice in floor coverings over once considered traditionally installed carpet due to …

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Exotic Hardwoods: Beauty That Lasts a Lifetime

The term exotic sets imaginations in motion with vivid pictures of far-away tropical islands, clear blue oceans and miles of pristine white sandy beaches. Where these images of imagination are not far from reality, exotic tropical islands are the home of some of the most specialized trees in the world of which exotic hardwood flooring …

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Hardwood Bamboo Floor

Hardwood bamboo floor is flooring manufactured from the quickly regenerating bamboo plant. It is actually created using the bamboo stalk which is ready for harvest in three to five years, compared to up to one hundred years for traditional hardwoods. The manufacturing process for a hardwood bamboo floor is part of what makes it such …

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