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5 Kitchen Flooring Ideas You’ll Love


Kitchens are high-traffic rooms that need exceptional flooring. Besides having to look good, successful kitchen floors need to withstand spills, food, sliding chairs, dropped dishes and the occasional mopping. Here are the pros and cons of the five top flooring choices for this important room. Ceramics, porcelain and stone tiles: Ceramics are a favourite for …

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Resilient Flooring

Resilient Flooring: A Reflection of You Resilient flooring is perhaps one of the least expensive flooring materials available today. Sold in tiles, sheets or planks, resilient flooring offers a wide array of installation techniques that has gained in popularity due to the flexibility of design and the never-ending color combinations that can be used. Often …

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Hardwood Stairs

wood stairs

Hardwood Stairs: Rising to New Heights Dating back to the early 1800’s staircases found in homes and places of business, during this time period were often constructed of wood, due to the non-existence of other suitable material to cover stair treads and risers. In majestic homes of rich cattle barons, staircases were constructed in many …

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Floor Joists


Floor Joists: Eco-friendly Solutions Home construction practices and procedures had changed drastically over the years. Floor joists once constructed with 2×10’s has been replaced with engineered I-beams and LVL’s (Laminated Veneer Lumber) capable of spanning distances without supporting structural members which were often required to carry the load of additional floors. Affordable and lightweight, engineered …

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